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F1 22: The Worst Teams for Career Mode

A lot of people spend their time in F1’s My Team mode, but the driver career still has a place for many. That means that many of you will be wondering who to drive for in Career Mode this year. We have an article already on the best teams, but this article will cover some of the worst teams in which to sign for – unless you want a major challenge.

1. Williams

Williams are sadly the worst team in F1 22. The British squad made a bit of a leap in 2021 by finishing eighth in the standings, but they are currently last again. The FW44 has proved a tricky car to get into the right setup window despite the miracles of Alexander Albon. However, having Mercedes power  gives it a good, strong engine in the back so if you want a “last to first” team challenge, then go for Williams.

2. Aston Martin

While in real life Aston Martin are making progress, the representation of the team in the game thus far is of their early season struggles. The AMR22 is easily one of the worst cars in the game at the moment and will require a lot of patience from players to get up the grid. It is a very draggy car with little downforce and handles more like a boat in the corners. It is certainly as a big a challenge to get up the grid as the Williams is.

3. Alpha Tauri

The 2022 Alpha Tauri is not a terrible car by any means, but it isn’t exactly the best car, either. The Alpha Tauri is quite inconsistent, sometimes looking great, but then other weekends looking like it deserves to be at the back. It’s also chewed through its tyres at a couple of races so far this year. Out of the first three listed, it is the best of them, and the Red Bull-branded Honda power unit is possibly the best on the grid, so it’s not all bad when it comes to the Red Bull sister team.

4. Mercedes

Mercedes are still a top team, and are listed in our top teams piece. However, they are equally one of the worst teams to pick for your Career Mode as they have really fallen from grace. They went from a top two team in 2021 to being third best in 2022 in a no-man’s land between the top two and the rest of the midfield. It’s a solid starting point for some, as you can still fight for the odd podium, but it’s not exactly where Mercedes should be in F1 22.

5. McLaren

McLaren are again listed in our best teams piece, but like Mercedes, there are reasons not to choose them. Having won a race and finished fourth in 2021, McLaren are having a tougher time this year. They might hold fourth place, but they’ve not scored as many points as in 2021, and their car is sometimes not good enough to score any points so things have certainly gone backwards for the British-based team. For British-based gamers, it would make the feeling of bringing them back to the front even sweeter.

These then are the worst teams you could start your driver career with in F1 22. One or two of the teams do have their good points, but they are all going to offer a trickier experience than some of the other cars on the grid. On the bright side, that should make the challenge even more rewarding!

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