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Fortnite v20.10 Patch Notes: Heavy Sniper returns, Daily Bugle battle, new weapons, and more

The Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2: Resistance update is upon us and Epic Games have brought some massive changes to the battle royale. So, here’s what you need to know.

Despite there being no live event to celebrate the end of Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1, Epic Games have dropped the Chapter 3, Season 2 update on a Sunday – which is a departure from recent seasons.

The new update, given the name Resistance, sees The Seven and IO going to war across the battle royale island, with players caught up in the middle of things.

As expected, it is a pretty massive update, with plenty of eye-opening changes being made to the battle royale. So, here’s what you need to know.

Building disabled

In an absolutely massive change, Epic Games have decided to do away with Fortnite’s most iconic feature – building. Well, at least for the time being anyway.

In place of those pesky 1-by-1 walls and builds, players now have an ability called Overshield. As the name suggests, Overshield works above your usual health and shield bar, giving you added layer of protection in gunfights. The Overshield works on a recharge too, so it will bounce back after a certain time, even if it reaches 0 overall.

Though, building will remain in competitive and arena playlists, as well as in Team Rumble and Creative Islands.

Movement changes: Sprint, mantle, and shoulder bash

Another massive change in the new season revolves around the battle royale’s movement mechanics. In short, sprint speed has been increased, mantling has been introduced, and you can now bash doors in with your shoulder.

The sprint change will allow you to get around the map much quicker, but don’t expect to do it with your weapon in hand. Epic revealed that you will pocket whatever you’re holding as you move much faster.

Mantling is a new way to jump. If you jump up for a surface that is a little too high, your character with try and grab the ledge – think Assasin’s Creed here. If they grab the ledge, you’ll be able to pull yourself up even higher, making for interesting new tactics.

Lastly, shoulder bashing. Yes, it is just how it sounds, you can use your shoulder to bash down a door quicker than before. Sure, you’ll give the enemies a shock, but expect a brief period where it’s hard to hold your gun. Plus, you can now even slide into doors to open them.

New weapons

As with every new season, the loot pool has been given a bit of an overhaul as well. Weapons have been vaulted, and some have returned from the vault, with other brand-new toys also being introduced.

In terms of the new weapons, there are just the two for now: the Combat SMG and Striker Burst Rifle. The SMG packs a nasty punch, but also has significant recoil, so watch out. The Burst Rifle has a custom scope, but only shoots in two-round bursts.

As for the vaulted and unvaulted weapons, Epic are bringing back the likes of the Drum Shotgun, Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle, Remote Explosives, and Shockwave Grenades!

Unvaulted Weapons

  • Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle (Adjusted – semi-auto, fires faster, reduced damage, increased recoil)
  • Drum Shotgun (Adjusted – fires slower, slightly increased damage, tighter spread, better falloff)
  • Revolver (Adjusted – fires faster, reduced damage, higher accuracy)
  • Remote Explosives (Adjusted – increased damage against vehicles)
  • Thermal Scoped Revolver (Exotic weapon)
  • Storm Scout Sniper Rifle (Exotic weapon)
  • Though not a weapon per se, Shockwave Grenades!

Returning weapons from Chapter 3, Season 1

  • Ranger Assault Rifle
  • Striker Pump Shotgun
  • Auto Shotgun
  • Sidearm Pistol
  • Stinger SMG
  • Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper
  • Shadow Tracker (Exotic weapon)
  • Marksman Six Shooter (Exotic weapon)
  • The Dub (Exotic weapon)
  • Boom Sniper Rifle (Exotic weapon)
The Combat SMG packs a kick but also kicks with recoil.

Map changes

As you drop into Chapter 3, Season 2, you’ll notice there are a handful of map changes – though the map as a whole hasn’t been given a massive overhaul.

There are new IO Blimps around the map that hold some nice bits of loot. Though, expect resistance if you try and claim it. These blimps can also be used to get around the map to,o using the ziplines, draft fans, and Siege Cannons.

These blimps will also be overhead of POIs that are under IO control. They’ll be fighting with the Resistance throughout the season, so expect areas to change as the season unfolds.

IO Blimps can now be found around the map.

Balance changes

  • Improvement to first shot accuracy mechanics: weapons with first-shot accuracy (such as the Ranger Assault Rifle) will now reach that state more smoothly, resulting in more “near perfect spread accuracy” moments.


  • Remote Explosives and Shockwave Grenades are not included in competitive playlists.
  • Item unvault voting will not take place in competitive playlists.
  • Storm Surge damage intervals have been increased from five seconds to ten seconds.

Bug Fixes

Battle Royale

  • Tree Leaf textures looking low-res
  • Bushrangers leaves shed excessively after sliding
  • Back Blings “floating” on some outfits

Save The World

  • Hero ability control bindings have been shifted
  • Wolves and Raptors are missing their combat passive abilities

Switch And Mobile

  • Auto Building/Shooting if you hold the build button and double-tap the edit button

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